Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America, so why shouldn't children with physical and cognitive challenges get to join in on the fun?  Now they can!  We are happy to announce a new program 

                                                                        Miracle League of CT Lacrosse

We will be holding 2 one hour clinics on Saturday May 5th to familiarize the children with Lacrosse.  They will go through some skill drills and learn the basics of this exciting sport.  No need to worry about having to go out and buy anything in order to participate.  The Miracle League will be supplying all of the necessary equipment and gear.  We will be using lightweight plastic training sticks (also known as "pixie" sticks).  We will also be using soft practice balls rather than the fairly hard rubber lacrosse balls.  The clinics will be run by Coach Brian Wilcox and his East Catholic High School Girls Lacrosse team along with the Canton and Tolland Girls Lacrosse Teams.  As we do with baseball, each participant will be paired with a ''Buddy" who will assist them as much or as little is necessary.   This program is open to all children ages 5-21 who has any physical and/or cognitive challenges.  You do not need to be a Miracle League baseball player to register. 

          The FREE 60 Minute Clinics will be held on:

  • Saturday May 5th- 1pm for ages 5-11 and 2:30 for ages 12-21 on The Miracle League Field in West Hartford

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