8 WEEKS NO SESSIONS ON 11/24, 12/22 & 12/29


The Miracle League of CT is proud to be bringing back a hugely popular program that we began last winter – Miracle League KIDS Club.  The offering is the Miracle League’s first truly inclusive program.  KIDS (Kids Inclusive Diverse Sports) Club is being offered in collaboration with  Chapter 126 in Bristol.  Chapter 126 is an inclusive sports facility that caters to the needs of people with physical and cognitive challenges. 

The KIDS Club will meet each Saturday beginning in early November for 8 weeks.  Every week will feature a different adapted sport or activity for the participants.  What is unique about the program is that  children with special needs, who the Miracle League traditionally offers programs to, will be encouraged to invite a typically developing sibling or friend to join us at the club.  All participants will play side by side on all activities.  It’s a great opportunity for all of the children to get a better understanding of what life is like for their friends, all while having lots of fun.  Some possible activities are wheelchair basketball (all children will play in a wheelchair), noodle hockey, obstacle course day, and other sports that will be adapted for all participants.  The activities will all be led by Chapter 126 Adapted Sports Program Coordinator Paul Weiland.  He will be assisted by volunteers who will be on hand to offer any help that is needed.

Registration fee for each 8 week program will be $40 for each participant.  You must register each participant (including siblings and friends). Registration fees include a club t-shirt.

The Miracle League is all about removing barriers for children with special needs so that they can participate in recreational, educational and cultural activities as any of their friends or siblings do.  We recognize that sometimes those barriers may involve financial difficulties that a family may be going through.  We do our best to subsidize most costs for our programs in order to keep them affordable.  If you find that you may need a fee waiver or scholarship for any of our programs we encourage you to contact us by email with your request at  All requests will be kept strictly confidential. We are happy to work with all of our families in order to be sure that every child who wants to participate is able to .  

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