Super Sports Saturdays

Folks have been asking for some more one sport programs, well here you go!

SESSION 1 BASKETBALL 9 - 9:45am - The Basketball program will be led by Coach Paul Weiland who plays for the CT Spokebenders at the top levels of wheelchair basketball in the country.  He will be helped by Chapter 126 staff and volunteers.  The program will focus on learning the basic skills of the game and will lead to some real games between teams.  The program will be adapted for any and all children without regard to their disabilities.  We have sports wheelchairs available on site for those who may need them.

SESSION 2 LACROSSE 10 - 10:45am - The Lacrosse program will be led by our friends from the East Catholic High, Avon High and Canton High Girls Lacrosse teams.  Each week the coaches and players will work with our athletes to learn the basics of America's fastest growning sport - Lacrosse.  We have all of the equipment necessary here at Chapter 126, no need to purchase anything special.  Since we are playing indoors we will be using the practice pixi lacrosse sticks and softer practice balls.  The program is open to any and all children who would like to be introduced to this fun sport. 

SESSION 3 TUMBLING 11:15 - NOON - The Tumbling program will be headed up by Chapter 126 Personal Trainer Stephanie Gesualdi.  Stephanie has been member of USA Wildcats Cheerleading Squad and has participated across the country in national and world level competitions.  She is a certified gymnastics instructor and has vast experience in working with people with disabilities.  This program will focus on the basics of tumblilng and the individual abilities of each child.  She and her staff will work with anyone who wants to participate.  Even if you have mobility challenges, there are plenty of rythmic gymnastic activities that can utilize your upper body abilities.

The goal of the Miracle League of CT is to remove all barriers that prevent children with special needs from participating in recreational, educational  and cultural activities.  If one of those barriers is a financial one, please email us at to request  a fee waiver for any of our programs.  We will do our best to accommodate your request which will be kept strictly confidential.

Thanks to all of our staff and volunteers who make these programs possible - esecially:








REGISTRATION This link will take you to the Active Network registration website.  Click on Chapter 126 and then scroll down to the Super Sports Saturday programs of  your choice.  If you choose multiple programs, the discount will automatically be applied when you check out.

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